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Good News!

Dear Mountain View Families –

Thank you for all your support through this challenging year. We wanted to take a moment to update you on what has been accomplished over the 2017-18 school year. As has been communicated, we started this year with a gap between our cash reserves and what was needed for this school year, and nothing in reserve to support teachers going forward. We started strong by changing the breakfast program and went from running at a loss when working with Chick-fil-A to creating a profit of nearly $4,000. We did well with the Mad Dash, and after splitting the profits with PTA, the Foundation added about $14,000 to the bottom line. We also revamped the after school clubs program, adding another $15,718 to our coffers. Finally, as was recently announced, the Sports-A-Thon took us over the edge with nearly $17,000 going to the Foundation.

Most importantly, thanks to the community’s hard work and Administration’s assistance, the Foundation has committed to supporting two full time staff instructors again for the 2018-2019 school-year to run our STEM lab and technology labs.

Now the work for next year starts, so we can continue this effort going forward!

We have determined that – unless and until the numbers are changed again at the county level – the Foundation will continue to need to raise money on an annual basis to support these positions. As always, we expect to raise some of these funds through Foundation Memberships, breakfast sales, after school clubs, generous donations from the community, and matching donations from companies.

To bridge the gap, and in response to community feedback, we have decided to have only one fundraiser next year. Accordingly, in mid-September, we will sponsor a “Boosterthon,” which will replace Mad Dash. Funds raised through this event will go first toward supporting these instructors, and then will be split with PTA. We are optimistic that with your help on Boosterthon, we will meet and maybe exceed our goals!

As always, we welcome additional volunteers and suggestions. We hope to see you all at Sneak-a-Peek! Have a wonderful summer!

The Mountain View Foundation Board of Parent Volunteers

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