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Foundation Announces 2019 Boosterthon Fundraiser for School Technology Equipment!

Mountain View Foundation is excited to announce we will sponsor a "Boosterthon" as our ONE fundraiser event in 2019-20! Funds raised through this event will go toward Technology Supplies for the school, specifically replacing Classroom Laptops, iPads, and Charging Carts that are in need of refreshing.

We are optimistic that with your support for Boosterthon, we will meet and possibly exceed our goal of raising $30,000 to refresh the Classroom Laptops, iPads and carts! Go to FUNRUN.COM to register your student now.

Keep reading to learn more about this year's Foundation fundraising goals.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Parents and Families—this year’s one Foundation fundraiser is the Mountain View MindSpark Wild West Fun Run! It’s a two-week program that kicks off with a Pep Rally on November 11th. Families will then gather pledges for every lap your student runs (30-35 laps) at the Fun Run, which will happen on November 20th. This year our goal is to raise $30,000 to replace aging Classroom Laptops, iPads, and Charging Carts, and we need your help! We’ve asked the experts at Booster to power our fundraiser to make it easier, more profitable, and more fun.

Students will also experience an amazing character theme, MINDSPARK: WILD WEST! Booster’s most exciting theme yet combines S.T.E.A.M. skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) with character-building. While they're teaming up with the MindSpark Kids to save Dr. Shock, our students will learn five character traits that will help strengthen themselves and our world.

Donations will go toward replacing Classroom Laptops, iPads, and Charging Carts and the entire two-week experience. So please help our school by getting pledges from family and friends and entering them online at FUNRUN.COM. Also, all families are invited to come out and cheer on our students at the Mountain View MindSpark Wild West Fun Run.

How much do the Classroom Laptops, iPads and Carts cost? These technology items must be ordered through Cobb County to maintain software and security updates.

Specs and Total Costs for iPads and Cart (this cost covered by 2019-20 After School Clubs and Foundation Membership Donations):

iPad 10.2” – 7th Generation – 32 GB, WiFi (10 pack option) $2,940 X 3 = $8,820.00 (STEM Lab); $2,940 X 3 = $8,820.00 (5th Grade) = $17,640.00

Charging Cart for iPad (holds up to 30) $900 X 2 = $1,800.00

TOTAL for iPads and Cart = $20,440

Specs and Total Costs for Laptops and Cart (this cost projected to be covered by Boosterthon proceeds):

30 Student Laptops - $935.69/each X 30 = $28,070.70

Charging Cart - $3,113.13

TOTAL for Laptops and Cart = $31,183.83

Why replace the Classroom Laptops, iPads and Carts? Here are some words from our wonderful MVES Teachers:

"The Third Grade team greatly depends on the usage of our laptops and iPads to support student learning. We currently have approximately 130 students, but only have 30 laptops and 30 iPads available. The ones we have are several years old and don’t always work properly.

As a grade level we have to tried to implement new strategies in our classrooms that depend on functioning, reliable technological infrastructure. Students take tests on Forms and need to log into Office 365. CTLS Enhanced is the program we use to test students per Cobb County Schools requirement. Students use Type to Learn to practice keyboarding skills needed to complete the Georgia Milestones in April. We also use countless other programs such as Flipgrid, Seesaw, Kids A-Z, and Reflex Math.

When our laptops and iPads are unable to charge or not working properly, these programs cannot be used in the classrooms. Lessons have to be altered, and the students are not able to use the programs that have provided by our system, school and PTA/Foundation.

Please consider improving and increasing our access to quality technology so that our students are able to utilize the programs that they need.

Thank you for your consideration."

-Ashley Montejo, MVES 3rd Grade Teacher


"Technology is one of the core tenets of STEM; ensuring our students are future-ready and tech-oriented is critical for them to become, and remain, academically and intellectually aware, able, and globally competitive.

Currently, the STEM lab has no access to or use of any laptops and iPads. The need for STEM is critical: through iPad and laptop carts for our lab, we would be able to guarantee our students’ daily exposure to modern technology and learning standards.

At Mountain View, we pride ourselves on providing the highest possible quality of education to the children every day. With additional iPad and laptop carts for use, particularly for exclusive use in the STEM lab, we would be upholding our dedication to our students and to our mission, vision, and priorities.

Last December, our President renewed his vow to provide the best possible STEM education to students. By doing so, he is leading the way for STEM instruction like that which we provide at Mountain View. Imagine what we could accomplish with iPads and laptops for our STEM lab!

At the core of President Trump’s expanded STEM commitment and directive is technology use, especially that of computer-based tech, for students of all abilities and in particular, for students needing enrichment, for girls to pursue STEM education and careers, and for our country to become a leader among nations in STEM achievement."

-Jennifer Gates, MVES STEM Lab Instructor


Technology will touch every one of our students in their career someday. Personally, I believe that if we want our students to be competitive with other schools in our area and be prepared for middle and high school, they need more access to technology than what we are currently providing.

Even with two amazing computer labs, there are things I can't do because I don't have iPads or tablets. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for classroom teachers who feel limited by a lack of technology.

Classroom teachers are my heroes because so much falls on their shoulders.

Incorporating technology into their curriculum, on top of everything else they do, is difficult enough, but when there are not enough devices accessible, their hands are tied. If there were more dependable laptops/iPads available for our teachers to use, they would learn how to make even better use of technology in their classrooms which would take learning to another level.

Our teachers are amazing and need the tools necessary to help them succeed and make Mountain View such a great school. One team, one goal: student success!

-Debby Taylor, MVES Technology Lab Instructor


MVES is in desperate need of new and updated technology to support the instructional programs throughout our building. In fourth grade, we try to utilize Office365 with our students for typing their writing and completing special projects. It is difficult to do this when we have laptops that are no longer receiving updates because they are outdated or will not hold a charge.

We also use technology-based programs that have been purchased by PTA to support the curriculum that we teach each day. It is impossible to allow students to utilize these resources when laptops are crashing, they will not turn on, or they will not stay on.

It is our desire as teachers to prepare the students at Mountain View for opportunities that they will have in the future. Technology is a very integral part of that process. We would love and appreciate your support in refreshing and replacing our outdated technology so that each teacher at MVES can prepare students for their future.

-Paige Hughes, MVES 4th Grade Teacher


Target classes utilize technology on a daily basis as we do not have text books. We integrate technology throughout our lessons as we research and develop deep dive projects. The laptop and iPad carts will enable us to provide students regular and consistent access to technology.

Target serves students in all grades at Mountain View. The technology carts are a necessary supplement to the 4 desk tops we have in the classroom to support student learning.

-Stephanie Clatterbaugh, MVES Gifted Education Specialist Lead


Having technology such as laptops and iPads, is critical in the 21st century classroom. Having these resources helps engage students, individualize student needs, fosters creativity, and prepares students for the real world.

Our students have limited access to these technologies on a daily basis. If we were to get new laptops and/or iPads, it would benefit our school and our students greatly. Our students would be able to develop greater mastery of standards when given access to these amazing resources.

-Leslie Allen, MVES 1st Grade Teacher


Wednesday, Nov 20th, Fun Run Schedule:

4th & 5th 8:00-9:00am PreK & AU 9:00-9:15am K & 1st 9:15-10:15am 2nd & 3rd 10:15-11:15am

Thank you so much for your support!

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